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Phil's All Embracing Bhutan Slide Show
House Building in Bhutan

Houses in Bhutan are quite impressive - they are rammed-earth/adobe based structures with ornate window and door treatments. Roofs are made of wood shingles (and held down with rocks) or corrugated aluminum. The bottom floor was traditionally used as a stable for livestock or as a granary. The top attic area was used as a drying room. Some even have hanging penises! (more on that later)

Here is a house under construction. A team of young women are pounding the rammed-earth foundation, section by section. They sing a song or mantra for a few seconds and then they simultaneously pound down the earth near their feet with the large tool in their hands. It's somewhat mesmerizing watching them work.

I like the depth of field in this shot, one can see the houses across the valley in some detail.

Ok, there you are doing you're daily house pounding work, and a busload of white tourists coming filing out of the bus, furiously snapping pictures of your curious (to them) activity. Makes you stop and watch the funny tourists.



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