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Sights of Bombay

In addition to visiting Ramesh Balzekar, another 'spiritual' goal was to pay a visit to the samadhi sites of Swami Muktananda and his Guru Bagwhan Nityananda. Though I wasn't a formal student of either in the past, their lineage played a significant role in my life through a former student of Muktananda, turned Guru.

Ganeshpuri is a small village about 15 miles outside of Bombay, which can be reached by commuter rail (Indian commuter trains, now that's an experience!). Ganeshpuri is where Bhagwhan Nityananda's remains are enshrined and I found it to be a very happy loka, very attractive.

This is storefront in town. The sign for Bisleri is notable, as this is one of the most common brands of bottled water palatable to the western intestinal tract.

This is the standard means of carrying baggage for Indian women - they must have very strong necks! I've seen women carrying huge bundles on their head all over India, including piles of dirt and brick as part of a road crew. Colorful clothes, no?



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